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Purse and phone theft

Hello everyone

We have been made aware of a group operating in the Nottingham area stealing Phones and purses from bags and pockets whilst you are distracted, it is that time of year when we are all distracted buying Christmas cards and gifts for our loved ones and attending Christmas dos and meeting old friends in busy places.

This gives potential thieves the opportunity to strike, and they will do this in many ways: -

·       Observe you to see where you put expensive items after using them.

·       Take your personal belongings due to them being exposed or left unattended.

·       Pretend to accidentally bump into you so you do not feel the item being removed either by them or a second person they are operating with.

·       Take advantage of you because they deem you vulnerable or intoxicated.

Nottingham's Winter Wonderland and Christmas market is back to entertain crowds throughout the festive period.

We also want you to enjoy our vibrant Christmas winter wonderland in the heart of the city so we have some crime prevention advice below.


·       Always remain vigil especially when wearing headphones.

·       Keep personal belongings zipped up and to the front of you.

·       Don’t leave you valuables unattended including in shopping trollies or on the table of a pub or restaurant.

·       Only use personal belongings when you absolutely need to when out and about and then return them to a safe and secure place.

·       Look out for local police offices in busy areas giving out purse bells which can be attached to a variety of your personal items.


Crime prevention advice | Nottinghamshire Police 

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