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The Neighbourhood Alert Platform

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Community Messaging

The Neighbourhood Alert system is an online, secure community messaging system that allows authorised administrators to log in and send messages to registered people in the community.

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Rapport Messaging

Two-way messaging via desktop or mobile device. Messages can be location based, sent to a group or individual.

Conducting a survey

Survey Tool

Our survey tool (Community View), helps the police to gain a real-time understanding of opinions from any community. Your force has a genuine opportunity to influence that view and robustly measure the extent of your success.

Humber Talking displayed on a mobile

Humber Talking

The "Humber Talking" project by Humberside Police utilises our Targeted Engagement Suite of products which enable an evidence based, targeted approach to door to door recruitment whilst delivering a local priority survey and the ability to access and understand the results and deliver targeted, issue based information to the public.

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Acorn is a powerful consumer classification that segments the population into 62 different types, providing a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places across the UK.

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Origins classifies residents into one of 259 origins types, giving an indication of their most likely cultural background. The same information is also used to estimate an individual's most likely language, religion, age and gender.

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West Lancs Dog Festival : Sun 28 Apr 11:00

Dear Resident Your local Rural and Wildlife Crime Task Force will be available to meet and dic...

Lancashire Constabulary
16/04/2024 08:11:03

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Shed Burglary and Theft of Motorbike - Etna Street

Dear Resident Sometime between 10th and 14th April someone broke into a garden shed at a prope...

West Yorkshire Police
16/04/2024 08:10:16

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Message icon 1P3

Theft of a motor vehicle

Dear Member, Police are currently investigating a Theft of Motor Vehicle that occurred in Derwent Ro...

Hertfordshire Constabulary
16/04/2024 08:05:24

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Holly Guard App

Holly Guard App In 2014 Hollie Gazzard was tragically murdered by her boyfriend after months of obse...

Staffordshire Police
16/04/2024 08:01:12

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