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Do you sell vapes?

Kent Police have seen an increase in the theft of vapes during overnight breaks at various shops.

Please consider the below to prevent losing any of your stock:

1 - Make your property harder for thieves to enter - consider upgrading the locks, better alarm systems, upgrade CCTV.

2 - Ensure the potential target is out of view - Remove all items including vapes and lock them away at the end of the day.

3 - Remove the items that may help to commit the crime - Lock up wheelie bins and ladders, remove all rubble and rubbish from the exterior of your shop so they cannot be used to break windows.

4 - Reduce the Profit - Consider using smart water or security mark your goods.

5 - Look at measures that control access to your property - Lock all windows and doors with good security locks, keep the area around your property clear and clearly visible to passers by.

6 - Improve surveillance - remove items that may limit the view of your property, keep entrances to the rear of your property clear and well lit.

7 - Change your habits -Consider suggesting that the last person leaving should lock the door and ensure the CCTV is working and set. Turn off all unnecessary lighting that can give the potential thief a view of what you have, but consider a PIR that will highlight people entering, or approaching at unusual times.

8 - Increase the chances of an offender being caught - Make use of dusk till dawn security, consider upgrading security to delay an offender, meaning they have to spend more time to gain access, use good quality CCTV or alarm systems.


Be Safe, Be Sure. 



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Michelle Stovold
(Kent Police, PCSO, Thanet Neighbourhood Task Force)

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