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Local Priorities this week - You Said We Did

Dear Residents,


Here we have a list below of the things that you have outlined as your priorities this week



Road Safety Issues 

Anti Social Behaviour and drug taking 


Priority 1: Burglary 


You Said: You told us that you were concerned about burglaries within the Oadby area.


We did: Officers are conducting regular patrols of the areas where offences have occurred, these patrols are reducing the number of burglaries. We will continue to do this going forward. Where CCTV is available, this will provide valuable intelligence on times and when offences are happening and possible vehicles involved, to assist in our patrol strategy. Since our last update we have a seen a significant decrease of burglaries being reported. 


 Priority 2: Road Safety Issues


You said: You have told us that Road Safety is a priority, this includes things like Speeding, Insurance, MOT and driving offences.


 We did: Police volunteers have conducted vehicle speed checks at identified locations. There are planned Fatal 4 operations coming up in the Borough which targets motorist’s speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones and drink/drug driving. Local officers have also received reports of identified vehicles being driven without valid insurance, MOT and tax, these vehicles were located and seized.


Priority 3: Anti-Social Behaviour and Drug Taking


You Said: You have told us that Anti-Social behaviour causes you concern. This can be things like excessive noise, smoking drugs and more. We will be working with partners to ensure we can tackle these issues and reduce their occurrences. 


We did: Your local police beat team and response officers have regularly patrolled key locations as reported by yourselves with regards to anti-social behaviour and drug related incidents. Officers continue to stop check persons and vehicles who are involved in drugs. Information related to anti-social behaviour and drugs has been provided by the community, this will assist us in identifying individuals involved.


Your Local Beat Team 


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